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Diesel engines running on Biodiesel can help America kick its fossil fuel habit - Peter Bell

America imports over 50% of the oil it uses today and that oil is consumed in the proportions shown by the Department Energy of Energy's chart replicated below:
Cars and light trucks account for over 50% of oil consumption
Source: Transportation Energy Data Book: Edition 23, DOE/ORNL-6970, October 2003.

Choosing the diesel or hybrid engine option will increase mileage in most cars and light trucks by 25-30%.

  • If every motorist in America chose a fuel efficient diesel engine or hybrid gasoline engine when they bought their next vehicle, the fuel efficiency gains across the passenger can and light truck fleet could cut American oil imports in half.

  • If all these fuel efficient engines we powered by a B20 blend of Biodiesel or E20 blend of Ethanol, grown right here in America, we could eliminate the other half of those pesky oil imports.    

How quickly can we eliminate America's dependence on foreign oil?

Americans buy approximately 16 million new vehicles every year out of an approximate 45 million total US vehicle sales every year and there are approximately 240 million vehicles on American roads. This means that the entire American vehicle fleet changes hands once every 5 years.

Based on these approximations, it is not difficult to see that IF we...

  1. adopted diesel or hybrid engine use in the private vehicle fleet at higher levels and
  2. mandated that biodiesel or ethanol be blended in each gallon of fuel sold in America...

...we could eliminate America's dependence on foreign oil within a 5 year timeframe...yes, that is a big IF!

How to convert your diesel truck into a vehicle as environmentally friendly as a hybrid...

You can convert your diesel into an environmentally friendly vehicle that does not use foreign oil, without the need for a visit to the dealership. Just by putting Biodiesel in the tank, you can turn a huge diesel powered pick up truck into vehicle that is as environmentally friendly a vehicle as the Toyota Prius Hybrid.

Toyota Hybrid     =          Ford F350 Pick Up Truck  

Because Biodiesel is a "Drop In Fuel", no changes are required to the vehicle or the infrastructure we use to fuel the vehicle. The beauty of Biodiesel is that it is an oil import substitute and clean air solution that is available right now, there is no need to wait for the Hydrogen revolution.




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