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Texas Oil Man, Vegetable Oil that is!! - Sujata Dand and Stewart Mayer 

Texas Oil, Vegetable Oil that is  ... is a TV show aired by our local PBS station here in Dallas, KERA Channel 13. It was broadcast on Friday June 11th and again on Sunday the June 13th 2004. The film was aired via the show  "On the Record" with the reporter Sujata Dand and producer Stewart Mayer of Kickass productions.

KERA - On the Record - Friday, June 11th 2004

Missed the show, watch it again by clicking any one of the following links below:

Topic: Oil Prices & Technology Fueling Change

Guests: Jim Ervin, Sterling Burnett & Ann Drumm

Guest Bios:

Show Description: There's no question that we Americans love our cars. But could the cost of fueling them cool our passion?

Although crude oil prices have fallen sharply off 21-year highs in recent weeks... plenty of consumers are still grumbling about the bite gasoline is taking out of their budgets. KERA Reporter Sujata Dand brings us a piece on those jumping aboard the bio-diesel bandwagon... while our guests will join us in a discussion over whether we really need to cut our use of fossil fuels... and whether benefits to the environment should trump affordability.



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