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Major Terminal Operator Supports Infrastructure for Biodiesel - Shell Web Portal - April 3rd 2006 

Willie and Morgan cut the ribbonWillie Nelson and Morgan Freeman brought star power to the opening ceremony of its new biodiesel blending facility at the Motiva Enterprises terminal in Dallas, TX. Terminal-blended biodiesel is now available to customers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
This biodiesel blending facility was installed under an exclusive pilot agreement with Motiva, which allowed for the installation of a 30,000 gallon biodiesel tank and rack blending equipment on the Motiva Enterprises terminal premises located on Singleton Blvd. in Dallas, TX.

Tanker trucks can now load biodiesel fully blended with petrodiesel at the Motiva Enterprises terminal in Dallas, which will reduce transportation costs normally associated with the distribution of biodiesel blends. As fuel tank trucks fill at the loading rack, the specialized blending equipment reliably blends pure (B100) biodiesel with petrodiesel supplied from Motiva's diesel storage tanks. Motiva is believed to be the first major terminal operator to provide such a service.
Terminal blending is a time and mileage saving breakthrough for fuel trucks that would
otherwise have to make two stops, one to pick up biodiesel and one to pick up petrodiesel. Terminal blending ensures the correct blending of the products and eliminates "splash blending" in which the two products are loaded at different locations and mixed in the truck. Terminal blending will provide a consistently high-quality, finished product.

"Piloting biodiesel distribution at our terminal helps to position Motiva to effectively meet the needs of our customers as their demands evolve," said Dan Grinstead, General Manager of Distribution for Motiva Enterprises LLC, a refining, distribution and fuels marketing company.

Customers and distributors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area can now offer the biodiesel/diesel fuel mixture to retail outlets, such as Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores, so that biodiesel blends like BioWillie can be made available to truckers and other diesel-powered vehicle owners at easily accessible retail outlets throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

"Love's Travel Stops and Country Stores started offering BioWillie in two locations near Dallas and the response has been tremendous," said Mike Brakefield, Director of Fuel Distribution at Loves Travel Stops and Country Stores. "Motiva's decision to provide infrastructure for biodiesel at the same terminal where our Gemini fuel trucks are loading diesel fuel ensures that the Love's supply chain remains efficient and helps keep fuel costs down for our customers."

Additive Systems, Inc. (ASI) has installed a 30,000 gallon biodiesel tank to store pure (B100) biodiesel at the Motiva Terminal. This heated tank is connected with heat traced pipes to Motiva’s diesel loading rack and fully integrated with Motiva’s measurement systems with specially designed blending equipment. As a fuel tank truck fills at the Motiva loading rack, ASI’s specialized blending equipment mixes pure (B100) biodiesel from this tank on the fly with petro-diesel supplied from Motiva’s diesel storage tanks.

The Clean Cities, the Texas Soybean Association and the National Biodiesel Board have all provided support for the project in the form of a grant issued by Clean Cities in 2005. Mindy Mize of North Texas Clean Cities says “Offering terminally blended biodiesel is a great leap forward in the effort to reduce our nation’s dependence on imported fossil fuels”. 

The BioWillie brand grew out of Willie Nelson’s passion for helping the family farmer and his drive to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Willie Nelson and Peter Bell developed the BioWillie brand for the trucking industry.

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