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Our landscapes, cities, buildings and homes are something that all of man kind interact with on a daily basis and are incredibly important to our survival.

These structures use tremendous resources and hence are a prime focus for all humanity to ensure that they are sustainable. It is estimated that energy use in buildings is the equivalent to the energy used in industry and transportation combined.


One particular part of constructing our buildings that is ubiquitous is the use of concrete. Unfortunately producing concrete consumes vast amounts of energy, emits some of the most deadly of pollutions and approximately one ton of carbon is emitted for every ton of cement produced..

There is a tremendous amount of innovation going on in the world of cement. Some folks are working on making concrete's production more environmentally benign and its use in the process of construction more friendly to the environment.

Other innovators are working in the area of alternative bonding agents to cement. New bonding agents enable concrete to be light weight which will enable more of the construction process to be done in a factory so that building sites will become more "assembly only" oriented.  


Making a house out of wood is the equivalent of making your house out of matchsticks. Trees are a great way to sequester carbon and are renewable, but matchstick houses rot, catch fire and are easily decimated by high winds.

We will look back in 20 years and notice that all new houses are made with renewable and low carbon concrete systems and we are likely to think "what the heck were we building houses out of wood for"?

Heating and Cooling

Our buildings use a tremendous amount of the nations total power consumption and though florescent light bulbs help, LED's will help even more, the real power hungry devices are the heating and cooling systems.

Solar hot water heaters coupled with radiant floor heating offer a low energy heat solution. Water based air conditioning systems that are the modern equivalent of swap coolers offer huge efficiency gains over traditional air conditioning in water accessible areas.


Windows are the hardest part of any building to insulate. Most windows have very low R values with today’s good quality, dual-pane commercial or residential windows coming in at R-1 to R-3, dramatically lower than a typical R-13 wall.

There is considerable work going into developing vacuum sealed glass. These are hard to manufacture because of the differential temperature between outside and inside a building can be huge, so the glass must expand at different rates. Making this seal work is not easy but a number of companies are working on solutions to this problem. In addition to this temperature differential problem, spacers are needed to keep the panes of glass away from each other due to the vacuum and this reduces the windows visibility.

A window with an R-12 center-of-glass insulation level at a reasonable incremental cost is the holy grail of window construction. This insulation level would convert most windows in cold climates into energy suppliers rather than being one of the largest sources of heat loss. 



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http://www.calera.biz Calera - Los Gatos, Carbonaceous Cement
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http://www.novacem.com Novacem - UK Carbon Neutral Cement
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http://www.vobb.com Vobb dry concrete block build system


http://www.biobasedtechnologies.com Bio Based Tech - Soy polyurethane
http://www.biobased.net Bio Based Tech - Soy Insulation
http://calstarproducts.com Calstar - Green Bricks
http://www.calera.biz Calera - Carbon Neutral Cement
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Liquid Metal - Coker walls and Glass replacement
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http://www.insul-deck.org Insul-Deck - Concrete floors and roofs
http://www.seriousmaterials.com Serious Materials - Innovative Materials
http://www.techblock.com Techblock - IFC prefaced

Heat and Cooling

http://www.alter-air.com Alter Air - Solar Powered Air Conditioning
http://www.apricus.com Apricus - Evacuated Tube solar water heat
Aqua Star - Star Rotor Air Conditioning
Breeze Air - Evaporative Cooling
http://www.coolerado.com Coolerado - Efficient Air-conditioning
Earth Linked Heating and Cooling Geothermal
Eco Smart Fire - Ethanol fire places
Enocean - Self Powered Sensors & Controls
Energy Concepts - Absorbtion Cooling
GE Heat Recovery - Absorbtion Cooloing
http://www.greencoreair.com Green Core - Solar Powered Air Conditioning
Helicol - Solar Pool Heating
IceCode - Pulse based de-icer technology
Kebony - Tropical wood replacement
Solar Powered Air Conditioning
Kingship Solar Hot Water Tanks
Kuul Air - Evaporative Coolers
Passive House design Concepts
http://www.renewability.com Renewablity - Power Pipe reclaim water heat
Radiantec - Solar Radiant Floor Heating
Sopogy - Solar concentrator HVAC
http://www.sorptionenergy.com Sorption - Absorption Heat Pumps
http://www.starrotor.com/AC.htm Star Rotor - Water based Air Conditioner
Stiebel - Tankless Water Heater
Swampy - 12 volt evaporative coolers
Southwest Solar - Solar Powered Evaporative Coolers
Sunfrost - Low energy refrigeration
Spacia - Vacuum sealed window glass
http://www.transmaterial.net Transmaterial - ECO Building Web Portal
http://www.viega-na.com Viega North America Radiant Floor Heating
http://www.warmup.com Warm Up - Electric Laminate Radiant Heat
http://www.warmboard.com Warm Board - Water based Radiant Heat

Solar Tubes

Day Lite Solar Tubes
Isang Litrong Liwanag - Plastic bottle sunlights
http://www.odl.com/skylights/tubular/ ODL Solar Tubes
http://www.solardirect.com Solar Tube Skylights
http://www.solatube.com Sola Tube Skylights
Sun Dome Solar Tubes
Sun Earth Solar Therma water heating systems
http://www.sunpipe.com Sun Pipe Solar Tubes
http://www.sun-tek.com Sun Tek Solar Tubes and Controls
http://www.tru-lite.com Tru Lit Solar Tubes
http://www.veluxusa.com/solar_tubes.htm Velux Solar Tube Skylights


http://www.alpeneg.com Alpeneg - Thin Film Enhanced Windows
http://www.eversealedwindows.com Eversealed - Vacuum sealed window glass
http://www.fraunhofer.de Fraunhofer - VIG Windows
Guardian - VIG vacuum insulated glass
Never Wet - Coating to repell water
http://www.nanawall.com Nana Wall - Glass Wall / Folding Doors
http://www.sage-ec.com Sage-EC - Electrical Tinting Windows
http://www.thermaproof.com Therma Proof Windows - High R Value



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