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Electric Energy Storage 

The race to find an electric energy storage medium that can beat current liquid fuel performance is on in a serious way. The use of such a device has multiple applications to say the least, transportation, portable electronics and power plants to name a few.

Ultra Battery

One interesting combination is using a deep cycle capable battery like a high performance Lead Acid Battery, or high capacity Lithium based battery and combine that with an Ultra Capacitor. This “Ultra Battery” would be an good combination to cope with the high rate partial charge cycling typically seen in Hybrid vehicle application.

Why this combination is of such interest is that such a device would enable rapid recharge, discharge and extended life cycle duty, without the cost penalty of an capacitor solution.

Ultra Capacitors

Ultra Capacitors offer the enticing prospect of almost unlimited life cycle in combination with almost instantaneous charge and discharge capability.

Battery Technology

Lithium based batteries technology, initially developed for the portable electronics industry, in a "large format" is holding out the prospect of exception energy performance. The energy densities of these batteries are just amazing and getting better all the time heading towards the theoretical specific energy of 3,300 Wh/kg using a Lithium / Sulfur couple, which is closely comparable with liquid fuels like gasoline.

Long life cycle Lead Acid batteries also offer the enticing prospect of low cost energy storage at prices similar to today's Lead Acid Batteries, but with X times the life cycle in combination with the ability to handle deep discharge, without any life cycle shortening. 


Follow all the news of battery and capacitor development at Best Mag and Advanced Battery Technology .or at http://www.batteryuniversity.com.


Advanced Batteries

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http://www.enax.jp Enax - Laminated Sheet Battery Japan
http://www.molienergy.com E-One-Moli - Canada
http://www.effpower.com Eff Power - Bi Polar Lead Acid Batteries
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http://www.gemcar.com GEM - Global Electric Motorcars
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http://www.zmp.com Z Power - silver-zinc battery developer

Ultra Capacitors

http://www.apowercap.com A Power Cap - Ukrainian Start Up
http://www.batscap.fr BatsCap - French Battery / Ultra Caps
http://www.chemi-con.com Chemi Con Capacitors
http://www.cap-xx.com Cap X - Australian Super Capacitors
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http://www.ioxus.com Ioxus - Capacitors made in the USA
http://www.ultracapacitors.org Web Portal for capacitors
http://lees-web.mit.edu/lees/ MIT Nano Tube capacitors
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http://www.maxstore.com Ultra Capacitor Manufacture
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http://www.solrayo.com Solrayo - Wisconsin based Ultra Caps
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