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Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells seem to be talked about as the solution most appropriate for the hydrogen powered vehicle. This might be so, but it seems that the Fuel Cell would be most appropriate put to use as a means to convert the hydrogen carried in natural gas into electricity and heat.

Graphic courtesy of Plug Power

Used as a  combine Heat and Power (CHP) unit, the fuel cell's energy conversion efficiencies approaches 80%. In addition to this efficiency, the emissions from the fuel cell are almost zero, offering us the possibility of carbon free heat and power.

This amazing conversion efficiency could be coupled with Clean Coal to Gas conversion technology or Gas Hydrate extraction technology provide us with means to unlock all the coal or gas deposits in the world without unleashing biblical climate change.

Combine this point of use electricity generation with the electric car and we can very quickly move the world to a carbon free, low emission energy system.


Fuel Cells

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