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More solar energy hits the earth every day than all of humanity consumes, however, solar energy is just coming to the point where it economically is a real competitor for conventional electricity generation.

The challenge for the solar industry is to produce panels at a price competitive to fossil fuels and utilize the highest conversion efficiency rates of the best solar cells, currently just above 40%.

Solar powered Plug in Hybrids

Creating a renewable electric grid based on solar opens up the opportunity to combine the on-board electric storage capability with the massive day time electric generation capability of solar.

The chart below is a comparison of the distances a car can drive based on the following renewable forms of energy, each produced on 100m x 100m of land which is 2.5 acres:

Steps to Solar

A great model to look at is in mother nature where photosynthesis is very efficient converting sun light into energy. Creating an artificial photosynthesis machine is the holy grail, until we invent such a device, then we will have to incrementally work on the problem.

Solar Hot Water

Some solar adoption steps are easier than others and one area of energy displacement where solar makes sense right away is in hot water. Some parts of the world like Spain have mandated that all homes over a certain square foot size must use solar power for hot water. This makes an immediate impact as solar hot water displaces electric or gas heat usage with a totally renewable heat source.

Solar hot water is very cost effective at approximately $100 installed cost per person per household. For a 4 person household, $400 gets you a totally renewable hot water system. Swimming pools an Jacuzzi's offer an even better solar opportunity, instead of wasting all that energy on heating a pool or Jacuzzi, solar offers a renewable heat source to keep your pool at just the right temperature.


Solar Arrays

http://www.coolearthsolar.com Balloon Based Solar Concentrating Arrays
http://www.cchem.berkeley.edu/~grfgrp/ Photo Synthesis Research
http://www.iit.edu/~ipro355f04/ IIT Glass Pane Solar Array

Solar Concentrators

http://www.amonix.com Amonix - Solar Concentrator Manf
http://www.energyinnovations.com Energy Innovations - Solar Concentrator
http://www.greenvolts.com Green Volts - Solar Concentrator
http://www.prismsolar.com Prism Solar - Solar Concentrator
http://www.solaria.com Solaria - Solar Concentrator Manf
http://www.soliant-energy.com Soliant Energy - Solar Concentrator
http://www.solfocus.com SolFocus - Solar Concentrator Manf
http://www.sol3g.com Sol3g - - Solar Concentrator Manf
http://www.stirlingenergy.com Stirling Energy

Solar Thermal

http://www.ausra.com Asura Solar Thermal Equipment
http://www.aora-solar.com Aora Solar - Small Scale Solar Thermal
http://www.abengoasolar.com Abengoasolar - Parabolic trough to HTF
Bright Source - Solar / Thermal
Bright Phase - Solar Thermal, PV and Skylight
BSR Solar - Heat storage and Stirling's
Cool Energy - Combined Heat and Power
Echo - PV and Thermal
http://focalpointenergy.com Focal Point Hot Water
Infinia - Sterling Engines for Solar Thermal
Infloor, Buna Vista, CO
HydroICS - Sterling Engine Competitor
http://www.skyfuel.com Skyfuel - Parabolic mirrors heating fluid
http://www.solel.com Solel - Parabolic mirrors heating oil
http://www.solarfusionpower.com.au Solar Fusion - Liquid Calcium Hydride
Solar Reserve - Heliostat molten salt
Solar Wall - Combined Heat and Electric
Thermo Technolgies - Heat Pipes
Zenith Solar - Combined Heat and Power

Nano Technology

Solar Paint Ted Sargent invention

Solar News

http://www.solarbuzz.com Solar Buzz - Portal


http://www.terrawattpower.com Terrawatt - Inverters keep power on

Solar Panels

http://www.firstsolar.com First Solar - Thin Film
http://www.g24i.com G24i - Roll to roll thin solar - Wales
http://grosolar.com GroSolar - Solar Distributor
http://www.konarka.com Konark - Thin Organic Film
http://www.nanosolar.com Nano Solar - Thin Film
http://www.readysolar.com Ready Solar - Solar in a box
http://www.recurrentenergy.com Recurrent Energy - Solar as a Service
http://www.solaicx.com Solaicx - Manf single crystal silicon ingots
http://sunelec.com SunElec - Retail Solar Equipment

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