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Why Electric

Half the cars in the U.S. are driven approximately 25 miles a day which means that a plug-in vehicle with as little as a 20-mile range could reduce US petroleum fuel consumption by over 50%. This 50% reduction is equivalent of 8 million barrels of oil per day and would come close to eliminating the need for the US to import crude oil.

If it is so obvious to use electric cars, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" by filmmaker Chris Paine asks the question why it has taken so long for the Electric Car to dominate the US private transportation market. The reality is that current electrical energy storage technologies like batteries and capacitors have not had an energy density performance that is anywhere close to that of liquid fuels.

The Pace of Development

This situation is changing rapidly with developments in battery, capacitor and electric motors, plus light weighting of vehicles is evolving at such a pace that the electric drive performance is on track for parity with that of the internal combustion engine and liquid fuels.   

Once these technologies start to approach the conversion efficiencies of combustion engines, then the advantages of electric drives are so compelling when compared to liquid fueled drives, that customer adoption will be very rapid. Once performance parity is achieved, it is not hard to envision electric drives overtaking the internal combustion engine as being the primary energy conversion mechanism. 

The advantages of high density electricity storage when compared to the energy storage capability of liquid fuels are dramatic. Once more electricity can be economically stored per kilogram than can be stored in a kilogram of liquid fuel, this technology breakthrough will enable us to start to abandon the internal combustion engine in favor of electric drive.

If we continue at the current pace of innovation, it would not be out of the question to envision a situation where the majority of new cars, boats, scooters etc. were powered by electric motors by the year 2015. 

Vehicle to Grid

Vehicle to Grid describes a concept where battery or hydrogen powered vehicles are hooked up to the electric grid. This intriguing idea opens up the possibility of vehicles providing the electricity storage capability that is currently provided by "spinning capacity" and also providing power to homes and business in a brown or black out situation. Hydrogen fuel cells might be the medium of storage to overcome the problem of battery "fatigue", but comes at an energy conversion loss penalty.

Inductive Roads

Battery powered vehicles really suffer when you have to load the vehicle up with a lot of heavy batteries, so putting the power in the road is an interesting idea. Wireless charging systems use the concept of an electric current flowing through a conductor generates a magnetic field and this this field induces a voltage in a second conductor, even though the two are not connected. The other way to do this is transmit power via lasers like current UAV technology is demonstrating. Even turning the whole road into a solar panel might be possible and then no huge wiring project needs to be done to bring solar power to the whole grid as the roads are already interconnected. The enabling technology for the power to be transmitted with virtually no energy loss is already fielded in the form of high temperature super conducting wires.


Electric Vehicles

http://www.aptera.com Aptera - Carlsbad CA
http://www.bgelectriccars.com BG Electric Cars
http://www.chevrolet.com/electriccar/ Chevy Volt
http://www.commutercars.com Commuter Cars - Manf of the Tango
http://www.evbones.com EV Bones - Chevrolet S-10EV
http://www.elcat.fi El Cat - Finland
http://www.itiselectric.com Dynasty Motors
http://www.evi-usa.com EVI - Buses and Vans Mexico
http://www.lightningcarcompany.com Lighting Cars - British Electric Sports Car
http://www.milesautomotive.com Miles Automotive
http://www.myersmotors.com Myers Motors
http://www.phoenixmotorcars.com Phoenix Motors
http://www.revaindia.com Riva - India
http://www.symphonymotors.com Symphony Motors
http://www.smithelectricvehicles.com Smith Electric Vehicles - UK
http://www.teslamotors.com Tesla Motors - CA
http://www.think.no Think Electric Vehicles - Norway
http://www.venturifetish.fr Venturi Motors - France
http://www.zapworld.com Zap Motors - CA
http://www.zenncars.com Zenn Cars
http://www.universalelectricvehicle.com Universal Electric
http://wrightspeed.com Wright Speed Prototypes

Electric Conversions

http://www.99mpg.com 99 MPG - DIY Conversions
AC Propulsion
AFS Trinity - Saturn VUE Conversion
http://www.bev.com.au BEV - Hyundai Getz Conversion
http://www.currenteliminator.net Current Eliminator Electric Dragster
BYU Streamliner
Digi Drive - Kit for EV builder
ElectraDrive - Electric Car Conversion Kits
EV - America - Conversion Kits
http://www.e-volks.com E-Volks Conversions, Utah
http://electrojeep.blogspot.com Electro Jeep Conversion
http://www.grassrootsev.com Grass Roots EV Conversions, FL
http://www.go-ev.com Go EV - Netgain Technologies
Green Gears - Conversions (Pats Garage)
Hutchison Electric - Conversions Oakland area
http://www.hybridtechnologies.com Hybrid Tech - Electric Car Conversions
Linc Volt - Neil Young's conversions
Liberty Ecars - Range Rover conversion
http://www.leomotors.com Leo Motors - Conversion Kit for Kia's
http://www.oemtek.com OEM Tek - Conversions, Milpitas, CA
http://www.metricmind.com Metric Mind - Ultra Caps and Batteries
Poulsen - Plug In Conversion Kits
REV Conversions - Jeep Wrangler Kit
REV - Ford Ranger & Escape Conversions
Virginia EV - Converter Shop - George Berbari
http://www.worldclassexotics.com Exotic Conversion to Electric Power

Electric Bikes and Scooters

http://www.barefootmotors.com Barefoot Motors - Electric ATV
http://www.evtamerica.com EVT America
http://www.evt.com.tw EVT Taiwan
http://www.electric-bikes.com Electric Bikes - San Jose, CA
http://electricmotorcycles.net Electric Motor Cycle - Web Portal
http://www.electricmotorsport.com Electric Motorsport - Oakland, CA
http://www.electricmotorbike.org Electric Motor Bike, Santa Rosa, CA
http://www.electricross.com Electric Cross - Electric Dirt Bike
http://www.enertiabike.com Enertia Electric Motorcycle - Bramo
http://www.extraenergy.org Extra Energy E-Bike Web Portal
http://www.greenemotor.com Greenemotor - Scooter - Santa Clara
http://www.genxt.com Gen XT - Indian Electric Bikes
http://www.goblade.co.uk Go Blade - Electric Dirt Bike
http://www.boomerbents.com Raptor 3 Wheel Electric Trike
http://www.killacycle.com Killa Cycle - Drag Racing EV Bike
http://www.quantya.com Quantya - Electric Dirt Bike
http://www.thunderstruck-ev.com Thunderstruck - Bikes, Cars and Boats
http://www.vectrix.com Vectrix Electric Scooters
http://zeromotorcycles.com Zero Motorcycles - Electric Dirt Bike
http://www.zongsheninternational.com Zongshen - Electric Scooters - China

Electric Boats

http://www.asmomarine.com Asmo Marine - Electric Drive
http://www.ecowatercraft.com ECO Watercraft - Electric Jet Ski
http://www.duffyboats.com Duffy Boats - Electric Boats
http://www.ecycle.com E-Cycle - Brushless Motors for boats
http://edisonboats.com Edison Boats
http://www.electracraft.com Electra Craft
http://www.electraboat.com Electra Boat
http://www.electron-motors.com Electron Motors - Our First Video
http://www.elcoelectriclaunch.com ECO Electric Launch
http://www.electric-boat-association.org.uk Electric Boat Association - UK
http://www.electricrecordteam.com Electric Boat Speed Record
/%7Ejmrudholm/etekoutboard.html E-Tek Outboard project
http://www.griffinleisureboats.com Griffin Boats - Electric Outboards
http://www.outboardelectric.com Outboard Electric - American Marine
http://www.outboardelectric.org Outboard Electric
http://www.ossapowerlite.com Ossa Power (Glacier Bay)
/~jimkerr1/sebebts.htm Jim Kerr's Electric Boat Site
http://www.learbaylor.com Lear Baylor - 5mph cruiser
http://www.lemcoltd.com Lemco - Lynch Electric Motors
http://lencomarine.com Lenco Marine
http://www.minnkotamotors.com MinnKota Trolling Motors
http://www.marselectricllc.com Mars Electric Outboard
http://www.parsunelectricoutboard.com Parsun Electric
http://www.rayeo.com Rayeo Electric Outboards
http://www.transatlantic21.org Solar Powered Atlantic Crossing
http://www.torqeedo.com Torqeedo GmBH - Electric Motors
http://www.scoutboats.com Scout Boats = Hybrid Electric
http://www.solomontechnologies.com Solomon Tech - Electric Wheel
http://www.electric-sailboat.com Sea EV - Became Solid Nav
http://www.solidnav.com Solid Nav - Electric Inboard & Outboard
http://www.zongsheninternational.com Zongshen - Outboard Motors - China

Electric Drive, Controllers and Parts

http://www.agnimotors.com Agni Motors - High Efficiency Motors
http://www.azuredynamics.com Azure Dynamics - Motors
http://www.alltraxinc.com Alltrax - Controller
http://www.beepscom.com Battery Powered Systems - EV Parts
http://www.cloudelectric.com Cloud Electric Parts Suppliers
http://www.cafeelectric.com Cafe Electric - Zilla Controller
http://www.curtisinst.com Curtis Systems - Controllers
http://www.delta-q.com Delta Q - Chargers
http://www.e-traction.com Electric Wheel Motors - Buses
Enova Systems
EVO - Axial Flux Motors, UK
http://www.go-ev.com Netgains Motors and Controllers, IL
http://www.hitorqueelectric.com Hi Torque - Redmond, OR
Metric Mind Controller for Kokam Battery
Mr Sharkey - EV Pusher Trailer
JB Strauble - EV Pusher
http://www.dmillard.com/osmc/ OSMC - Open Source Motor Controller
http://www.pmlflightlink.com Electric Wheel Motors and EV Mini
PEC Efficiency Controller
Protean Electric - In Wheel Motors
http://www.rasertech.com Raser Tech - Symetron & Controller
http://www.robotpower.com Robot Power Controllers - USE OMSC
Self Inflating Tire - CODA Development
Sevcon - Controller
SRE - Controller
YASA Motors Oxford - Yoke less motors
UQM Drive Systems

Electric Infrasturcture

http://www.projectbetterplace.com Project Better Place - Battery Exchange

Korea Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST) Inductive Roadway

Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr (IAV) Inductive Roadway
Inductive Roadway - Berkley 1976
Karlsruhe University -  Inductive Road Way - E-Quickie Car
Opbrid - Quick Recharge Buzz Bars for buses
/in_road_sensors/permanent_loops.phpCommercial Inductive Loops for roads 

Solar Road Way
UBC - Magnetic Wireless Chargers
Wheel wire power transfer from roadway
heel wire power transfer from roadway

Electric Wireless Transfer - Tesla's Scala Wave, Microwave Power (MPT) etc

http://www.abb.com ABB - Wireless Power Transfer
http://www.mtt.org/awards/ Bill Brown - Microwave "rectenna"
http://www.cpii.com CPI - Palo Alto, Microwave specialists
http://www.ecoupled.com E-Coupled - Wireless Power
http://www.mit.edu/~soljacic/ Marin Soljacic - MIT Prof Witricity
http://www.spaceislandgroup.com/biz/ NASA Demo of wireless electricity '74
http://www.meyl.eu Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl
http://www.mind-course.com/wireless.html Tesla's Colorado Springs demonstration
http://pesn.com/2006/08/03/ Tesla's Theories in Canada
http://www.wr6wr.com/newSite/ Tesla's Wardenclyffe Project
http://www.teslatech.info/ttmagazine/ Tesla's wireless grid
http://www.powerbeaminc.com Powerbeam - Wireless via Lasers
http://www.pluglesspower.comPlugless EV charger
http://www.powermatdigital.com Power Mat - Induction Charging
http://powercastco.com Power Cast - RF power transmission
Sharp - Remote Powered Aircraft
Plugless Power - Wireless EV Charger
http://www.witricitynet.com Witricity Home page
http://wipower.com Wi Power - Induction Charging

Electric Motors

http://www.aisin.com Aisin Seiki - SRM Japan
http://www.apexdrivelabs.com Apex - Pancake Motors
http://www.wavecrestlabs.com BluWav - Hub Motors
http://www.freescale.com Freescale - Switched Reluctant Motors
www.infolytica.com/en/coolstuff/ex0147/ Infolytica - SR Design Software
http://www.letourneau-inc.com/power/products/sr/index.htm LeTourneau SR Drives
http://www.srdrives.co.uk SR Drives - Switched Reluctant Motors
http://www.hsi-inc.com HSI - Controllers for SWR motors
http://www.fleadh.co.uk/srm.htm SR Drives - Noise Research
http://www.ece.vt.edu/faculty/ramu.html Krishnan Ramu - SR Drive guru
http://novocreamseparators.com Novo Cream Separator uses SR Motors
nasa.gov/WWW/RT/2005/RX/RX51S-choi1.html Nasa's Switch Reluctant Motor
http://www.speedlab.co.uk SPEED Consortium (Glasgow University)

Electric Aircraft

http://www.sonexaircraft.com Sonex Electric Aircraft Drive Conversion
http://air.souris.set.free.fr/index.php Souris - ELectric Aircraft

Electric Links

http://www.a123racing.com A123 Racing - RC Electric Battery Forum
http://www.batteryvehiclesociety.org.uk Battery Vehicle Society in the UK
arb.ca.gov/msprog/zevprog/zevprog.htm CARB Zero Emissions Program
http://www.driveclean.ca.gov Drive Clean
http://www.diyelectriccar.com DIY Electric Car Discussion Forum
http://www.evalbum.com EV Album - Over 1,000 Electric Vehicles
http://www.evworld.com EV World - Web Portal
http://www.electricdrive.org Electric Drive Association
http://www.electrifyingtimes.com Electrifying Times Magazine
http://www.econogics.com/ev/evindex.htm Econogics - Tons of EV Links
http://www.ev-america.com Electric Vehicles of America
http://evfinder.com EV Finder
http://www.evadc.org Electric Vehicles Assoc, Washington, DC
http://www.megawattmotorworks.com Mega Watt Motor Works - EV Info
http://mb-soft.com/public/cars00.html MB - The case against Electric Drive
http://www.nedra.com National Electric Drag Racing
http://www.nbeaa.org North Bay Electric Auto Association
http://www.plasmaboyracing.com Plasma Boy Racing
http://www.proev.com Pro-EV Electric Car Racing
http://www.rcbatteryclinic.com RC Battery Info
http://www.sfeva.org San Francisco - Electric Vehicle Assoc.

Plug in Hybrids

http://plugincenter.com Advanced Vehicle Innovations
http://www.calcars.org Cal Cars
http://www.currentgroup.com Current Group - Smart Grids
http://www.crosschasm.com Cross Chasm - V2G Software
http://www.edrivesystems.com E-Drive - Hybrid to Plug in conversions
http://www.eaa-phev.org EAA-PHEV - Wiki
http://www.eaa-phev.org/wiki/Escape_PHEV_TechInfo Plug In Escape Conversion Open Source
bernstein-hybrids-june06.pdf Alliance -Bernstein PHEV Report
http://www.fiskerautomotive.com Fisker Automotive
http://www.greengears.net Green Gears - San Francisco
http://www.hybridconsortium.org Hybrid Consortium
http://www.hybrids-plus.com Hybrid Conversions, Boulder, CO
http://www.hybridplugs.com Hybrid Plugs - Wiring Harnesses
http://www.hymotion.com Hymotion - Hybrid Battery Extenders
http://www.lusciousgarage.com Lusciousgarage - SF Plug In Conversion
http://www.oemtek.com OEM Tech - Hybrid Conversions, San Jose
http://phev.its.ucdavis.edu PHEV - University of California at Davis
http://www.pluginamerica.com Plug in America Advocacy Group
http://www.pluginpartners.org Plug in Partners Advocacy Group
http://www.plug-insupply.com Plug in Supply - Conversion Kits
http://www.rechargeIT.org Recharge IT - Google's Plug V2G effort
http://www.sherryboschert.com Sherry Boschert - Author Plug in Hybrid
http://www.v2green.com V2G - Seattle
http://www.udel.edu/V2G/ University of Delaware - Vehicle to Grid


http://www.a123systems.com A123 Systems - Hybrid Battery Specialists
http://www.bmw.com BMW X5 Hybrid
http://www.hybridtechnologies.com Hybrid Conversions
http://www.hybridcars.com Hybrid Car - Web Portal
http://www.hybridcenter.org Hybrid Center - Web Portal
http://www.isecorp.com ISE Corp - Hybrid Busses
http://www.sigmaautomotive.com Sigma Electrocharger - Hybrid Retro Fit Kit

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